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The Flag is available in two editions and sizes.
One edition is distributed in two sizes and has a numbered certificate.
The other one is a special, handmade edition, also in two different sizes, that comes in a box with a numbered and signed certificate.
For special occasions the Flag can be produced in a monumental

numbered edition of 750:


100 x 140 cm
50 x 70 cm

€ 45,00
€ 25,00

de luxe, numbered and signed handmade edition of 50, boxed in a cascet:


100 x 140 cm
50 x 70 cm

€ 800,00
€ 600,00

the Flag in an extra large format:


200 x 280 cm

€ 110,00

enameled Pin, copper and silver gilt, safety-tack closure, in gift box


1 x 1,4 cm

€ 10,00

enameled Cufflinks, copper and silver gilt, in gift box


1,4 x 1,96 cm

€ 35,00

The purchaser of a Flag receives a certificate in Dutch and English. The certificate describes the idea behind the artwork. It is also a guarantee that the work of art is authentic. This is a common practice in the art world for a not signed work of art.

The Foundation can sent a Flag you purchased as a gift with an optional cover letter supplied by you to a national or international address. (submit in pdf)

the Flag, the Pin and the Cufflinks are for sale at info@undafoundation.com

Handling and shipping costs for the Flag: in The Netherlands €5,00 and outside €7,00.
Handling and shipping costs for the Pin and the Cufflinks are included.

In addition the Flag is for sale at the following places:

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Lumen Travo Gallery, Amsterdam
Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Compassion, A Paradox in Art and Society investigates what space an artwork can occupy in the public domain, how it can draw attention to ethical issues in society, and how it can spur individuals and groups into action. The book takes the conceptual artwork Flag of Compassion as its starting point. You can purchase the book here.

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For further information, images for press, publications or other purposes, please contact info@undafoundation.com
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