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Making Waves

Making Waves is a nomadic movement involving Flag of Compassion, which tries to influence the process of awareness of ethical questions within society. It always works with new collaborations and so it doesn’t work with a fixed ‘format’, but it exists within a varied group of people who, adjusted to the situation, together with the concerned group, community or institute discover and develop a new interesting program.

Making Waves operates across all conventions. It is crucial that within the artwork Flag of Compassion a paradox exists. A flag, an instrument that is used to distinguish yourself from others, and the notion of compassion, as the capability for empathy from a deep understanding for equality, seem incompatible. This tension between differentiation and equality is the conceptual core of the artwork that is being researched in Making Waves.

Making Waves is a new project and makes that the Flag of Compassion is deployed in a more intensive way. In Making Waves the Flag is connected to a ‘surrounding’, instead of an individual or occasion. The first edition of Making Waves comes into being in collaboration with Nieuw Dakota, platform for contemporary art in Amsterdam Noord, and it took place 2-3-4 June 2017.