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Flag of Compassion

This work of art is created by Rini Hurkmans

2019 undafoundation


This video work Flag Twirler, part of the installation Homeland, Part V, shows how a flag twirler performs certain patterns from the ritualistic 'flag prayer' using the Flag of Compassion.
A 'flag prayer' is a specific way of twirling the flag accompanied by drumming, expressing the fight between good and evil.

Flag twirler: Mr. Engelen from Deurne, The Netherlands

Welcome to the website of Flag of Compassion

Flag of Compassion
a conceptual artwork that consists of the word 'compassion', an instrument 'the Flag', a Manifesto, the Unda Foundation and a distribution network including this website.

The Flag of Compassion is a symbol of the notion of compassion and thereby it carries out a universal value. It is a flag for you and from everyone.

The Flag is produced in a large edition and can be bought here and at several distribution points. By purchasing a Flag you can make your own views on compassion visible.

On this website you see some of the reasons why people buy the Flag and you can read the different stories behind each use of the Flag. Some people use the Flag privately to visualize that the world needs more compassion. Or they give the Flag, as a present to someone whom they feel is a compassionate person. Thus, for example, Princess Beatrix and the President of the International Criminal Court have received a Flag. Others use the Flag during demonstrations to draw attention to the notion of compassion in the context of a specific manifestation. The Flag is also often used for weddings and other special occasions, like PhD promotions, as a symbol and as a gift.

Some of these acts and statements are shown on this website in the form of photo’s and stories

We hope you also want to actively contribute to our endeavor that people all over the world and from all walks of life will recognize and use the Flag of Compassion, with its Manifesto, so that the concept of compassion gains and keeps a central, innovative role in society.